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In addition to designing, writing up, and drawing and editing the Sickly Tarot, F. Raymond Sickly creates art in many other media. He has written novels (as yet unpublished/unpublishable), dabbled in photography, acted, both on stage and on film, directed for stage and screen, made music videos, made sculptures, played in bands and puppet theatres, being involved in many aspects of these media, from design to post-production, editing, colouring, producing, and polishing pieces. Since 2008, he has been applying these other media to the Sickly Tarot, generating animations and video clips, short films and music videos connected to the Sickly Tarot. Here is a little gallery we have been gathering and curating. On the whole, it is a decent companion to the art and vocabulary and purpose of the Sickly Tarot. Hopefully it will provide a good click-through for anyone interested in the Sickly Tarot.


Compiled from over 90 cards from the Sickly Tarot. All drawn by F. Raymond Sickly, with a Pilot G-2 Gel pen on Canson 1/8th inch graph paper, between 2007 and 2016.

Music by Izzuss:

*** WARNING: This film contains language that may be offensive to some viewers. ***

VIII: Asshole (2016, German with English subtitles.)

Fred Sickly drawing "VIII: Asshole," from the Seventh Suit, the 100th card for the Sickly Tarot. Including an introduction to the Sickly Tarot Project.

Music by Izzuss:

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