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I am interested in a custom print of my favourite Sickly Tarot card - do you have posters or prints available?

Sure, we are open to producing prints for the wall space you have! Please send us an email (info [at] and we will see what we can do.


The shipping costs are so expensive! What gives?

The digital age has taken its toll on postal services around the globe, in particular for items larger than a standard letter or postcard. Additionally your items ship from Switzerland, meaning that as soon as the package leaves swiss territory, and this is in global terms - tiny international fees apply. A complete overview and calculator (also available in english) is available on the Swiss Post Official Homepage to avoid any misunderstandings. On a similar note, many countries charge VAT or duty on imported goods. Please inform yourself if you will be charged an import fee, as we cannot be held responsible for any charges levied by your country of residence.


What if my package arrives damaged?

We package all items in sturdy shipping supplies. Nevertheless, damage does happen. If your package does arrive damaged, please send us an email (info [at] with a photo of the damage and we will see what we can do. 



How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Depending on the shipping service selected, where you live, time of year, and day the shipment was given up, shipping to the United States, for example, can take upwards of 14 business days. We are sure it will be worth the wait!


For all other questions, please contact us!

info [at]

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