This “Ich fange, also bin ich” drawing was drawn for Mirko Pohle, based on a design from one of his many collages. It marks the first time F. Sickly used colours in drawing in his adult life. This image is a bit different from the original drawing. The process used to adapt and create this piece was identical to that used for the Sickly Tarot, with the drawing scanned, then edited on the computer, adding to and clarifying the forms and colours.


The petal film is a work in progress F. Sickly has been working on since January 2017. While simple to make and perhaps easy to dismiss, it represents months and hours spent observing one of the smaller things in life, over and over.

hand drawn graph paper

Drawn in 3 days and edited to create hand drawn writing pads.

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portrait for david bowie

January 2016.

hand drawn qr code

alpine ruin.com

May 2017