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Quite a bit, this suit has to do with the inner-workings of the environment the deck takes place in, and with mankind’s desires, what man strives toward, and the fruits of the tumultuous labours of the other Minor suits. It is a great example of how the Minor suits interlock and interact with each other. As an analog of the Coins, the Tesseracts represent economics quite a bit, commerce, trade, value. In quite a way, the Tesseracts’ interactions with the other suits is why the form of the tesseract was chosen for it. Also, in form, it’s not the worst parallel for the Coins suit.


In this suit, there is a story of a castle being built. It spends a lot of time around this building, observing its inhabitants, its construction, its inner-workings, and those outside. We see its inhabitant enjoying this castle, making it a home. In a few cards, we see the time and energy it takes to make such a castle. And we see beggars outside the walls. We see opulence, the creation of it, and those lacking it.

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